Hand Stacker

Optimize space and efficiency

When you need to maximize your storage space and improve efficiency, manual hydraulic stacker truck can provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Technical Parameter
Model Unit 1T 2T 3T
Capacity kg 1000 2000 3000
Min. Lifting Height mm 1600 1600 1600
Max. Lifting Height mm 95 95 95
Fork Length mm 840 840 950
Fork Width mm 100 120 140
Fork Adjustable Width mm 220-730 260-730 300-760
Steering Wheel mm Φ180*50 Φ180*50 Φ180*50
Front Load Roller mm Φ90*50 Φ90*50 Φ70*80
Handle Height mm 1140 1140 1140
Min. tuning Radius mm 1000 1000 1000
Overall Width mm 770 770 770
Overall Height mm 2050 2050 2050
Overall Length mm 1320 1320 1430
Weight kg 130 150 255
Product Advantages
  • The door frame is made of C-shaped steel,which makes lifting more stable and has a long service time.
  • Compact structure, flexible transportation, simple operation and small turning radius.
  • One piece thickened scissors strengthen the bearing capacity and lift smoothly.
  • Combined manual and pedal pressure relief to improve work efficiency with sensative operation.
  • The front wheel adopts a hollow design, and the double brake function of the rear wheel is more secure.
  • Suitable for cargo handling and stacking in factories, workshops, warehouses, stations, docks, etc.
Applicable Scenarios
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