Hand Pallet Truck

Outstanding long-term value

The pallet jack should be durable, not disposable. Manual pallet trucks are in the leading position in terms of quality, maintainability and durability - no doubt.

  • Handle

    Handle made of 25mm thickness steel pipe to increase strength.
    Handle with rubber wrapped increases service life and the ergonomic design improves work efficiency.
  • Pump/Hydraulic Unit

    AC pump or BF pump, integrated casting design to prevent oil leakage.
    36 months quality guarantee period.
    Pumps from the same supplier as Niuli Machinery.
  • Supporting Plate/Traverse

    Arched supporting plate with special structure has a load-bearing capacity 1.5 times that of the ordinary support plate.
    Supporting plates from the same supplier as Linde.
  • Steering Wheel Loaded Wheel

    High-quality Nylon or PU wheels from the same supplier as Nobellift, Xilin, EP, Heli, etc.
  • Fork

    1.The thickened steel plate is 4mm before painting and 4.25mm after painting to increase the load-bearing capacity.
    2.The fork is evenly stressed and not easily deformed.
    3.The arrow design has indicative effect.
    4.The machine is in beautiful streamlined design. The integrated structure of the fork and the bearing hole of the rear wheel bracket greatly increases the bearing capacity of the rear wheel bracket.
    5.The machine with robot automatic welding process has high welding strength and beautiful welds.
  • Reinforcement

    90cm thickened reinforcement ribs.
    The reinforcement ribs fit seamlessly with the forks, and are welded in sections to increase the stability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Push Rod

    Ajustable push rod with cast steel joint, the easy wear parts are equipped with 1.5mm thickness tin bronze sleeve with wear-resistant coating,which will reduce wearing and increase the service life.
  • Wheel Bracket

    High-strength cast-steel wheel bracket from the same supplier with Linde.
    Forged steel double chain plate.
    The easy-wear parts are equipped with brass sleeve with wear-resistant coating,which will reduce wearing and increase the service life.
  • Bronze Sleeves

    Twelve 1.5mm thickness tin bronze sleeves with wear-resistant coating are installed to reduce wear and extend service life:
    4 bronze sleeves on the push rod connection hole;
    8 bronze sleeves on the connection hole between the load-bearing wheel bracket and the wheel set, and fork load-bearing connection hole to reduce wear and extend service life.
  • Grease Fittings

    8 grease fittings are installed in important connection parts to facilitate mechanical lubrication and daily maintence, which will increase the service life.
  • Gaps

    The gaps between the connection parts of the hand pallet truck are set reasonably to ensure that the machine will not shake due to excessive gaps during use.Relying on excellent stability, it is easier for users to operate smoothly and improve work efficiency.
  • Bearings

    High-precision, long-life, small friction coefficient high-speed bearings to prolong service life
  • Lifting link

    High-strength forged lifting link to prevent overload deformation.
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